Concrete Saw Cutting

Comberero provides concrete saw cutting services to commercial and domestic customers. Be either to control cracking of surface beds and or construction joints.

Saw cuts are a way to generate joints in concrete. Concrete saw cuts are done at a predetermined spacing to control cracking due to shrinkage. We cut concrete after it has obtained enough strength to keep it from raveling but before cracks are initiated internally. Our skilled and experienced operators determine the timing of saw cuts as it is essential to avoid cracks in concrete before cutting depending on the type of admixtures, temperature, mix design, and aggregate type.

We provide top end saw cut equipment, highly skilled and experienced saw cut machine operators in all aspects of concrete cutting ensuring our customers get the best concrete cutting services in the industry.

Our existing clients include Murray and Roberts, Aveng Grinacker, Mota-Engil, Astek, Akhane, Nale Trading, Enza, Ensor, Synthsis and Murray & Roberts/Concor Projects to mention but a few.

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