Mining Full Colour

Comberero Mining Operations and Engineering Services is a South African based company involved in exclusive supply of Dense Media Powders for Westbrook Resources LTD throughout the SADC region.

Comberero is well positioned to meet the local market demands and advises with process optimisation to ensure that’s clients achieve optimal recoveries while applying our products.

Dense Media Material

  • Milled Ferro Silicon
    • Sizes 65; 100; 150 and 270D
    • Sizes 100 and 65 mesh
  • Cyclone 60 Atomised Ferro Silicon 15
  • Fine Atomised Ferro Silicon 15
  • Coarse Atomised Ferro Silicon 15


Westbrook Metal Powders

Globally Supply of:

  • Atomised Ferro Silicon for 45 grade for welding electrodes
  • Silicon Metal powder for refractory and ceramic applications
  • Silica fume for concrete and refractory applications
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